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Using the Ezyloader is simplicity itself.

Simple one-person operation.

Using the Ezyloader is simplicity itself. In fact, it is so easy that no special user or operator licenses are needed.* Lifting and loading jobs that used to require two, three or even more people can be easily handled by a single person with an Ezyloader. That translates into productivity gains and cost savings. It means that your investment in an Ezyloader will pay for itself quickly, and keep on paying over and over. Pictured here is the Ezyloader Hideaway 300, fitted to a Brisbane City Council truck. The drum is being held by an underhook Drum Lifter.


Many workplace injuries are preventable.

Back injuries can ruin lives.

Many workplace injuries, especially back injuries, are preventable. They are often the result of unsafe lifting techniques or lifting loads by hand that are just too heavy for the human back. Not only do back injuries cause pain and misery and end careers prematurely, but as many employers discover, the financial costs can be astronomical. The cost of a single back injury settlement could put a dozen Ezyloaders on trucks, loading bays and workshop floors. The injury need not occur in the first place. Prevention makes sound economic sense.


Ezyloaders contain unique technology that is patented.

World-leading patented technology.

Ezyloaders contain unique technology that is patented in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Look at the stability and ease of use evident in the picture of this Ezyloader in action. The operator has complete control of the payload and cradle. The automatic self-levelling boom keeps the load safely and properly balanced at all times – even on sloping ground or when the boom is fully extended.

M & K Stafford are continually advancing the technology to keep abreast of your changing industry.


Superb level of engineering. Pride in workmanship still exists.

Pride in workmanship still exists.

Remember when machinery was built to last, to keep on working without hassle for years and years? You might believe those sort of quality values are from a bygone era. But that would be wrong. Pride in workmanship still exists. The Ezyloader range will restore your faith that the art of engineering without compromise is still practiced. Everywhere you look on an Ezyloader, you will find Quality. Rugged all steel construction, precise manufacturing, attention to detail, first class components, a durable finish – it all adds up to machines that will work hard and reliably for a long, long time.