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Ezyloader FM (Floor Mount)

Ezyloader FM (Floor Mount)
Ezyloader FM (Floor Mount)

Need BIG lifting power?
The most powerful Ezyloader of all, able to lift loads from 250kgs (550lbs) to 1,000kgs (1 tonne or 2,200lbs) with a reach up to 5m (16ft). The Ezyloader FM is built to order so you can specify the lifting capacity and reach. Ideal for loading bays, warehouses, workshops and factories, or other positions where a solid concrete mounting surface is available. Like all Ezyloaders, the unique split boom makes this machine a versatile performer.

For example, would you believe it can actually lift loads around corners? Seeing is believing.

Around The Corner? No Problems!
Mission Impossible?
Here’s a task that would be beyond most other types of loader. This heavy drum was sitting outside the building, around a corner, and needed to be lifted and moved inside. The Ezyloader’s unique split boom enables it to reach around corners to collect and deposit payloads! This gives it great flexibility in tight, cluttered and confined spaces.