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Drum Lifters

drumlifters   video

Drum up some business!
Two different types of drum lifters can be obtained as accessories
with your Ezyloader.

Rock Grab


Hard rock just got easier.
The Ezyloader Rock Grab is an underhook tool for those who want to move rocks and small boulders around with speed, ease and safety. Grasps those awkward shaped rocks and hangs on to them tight. Keep control of those rocky payloads! Works with any model Ezyloader.

Pallet Fork


Instant forklift!
The Pallet Fork hooks onto any of the Ezyloaders, allowing you to lift and move loads on pallets.

Gas Bottle & LPG Cylinder Lifters

bottlelifters     video

It's a gas, gas, gas.
Two different types of gas bottle lifters, one for industrial gas bottles (Model A) and the other for large LPG cylinders (Model B).